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Entries in reverse chronological order (newest at the top).

Account creation hidden (2012/12/19)

I was asked the other day to enable account creation so that a person could sign up with ARMwiki. I did so, and a pile of dummy accounts (for spam) were created as well.
As a result of this, I have hidden the account creation page (it's less objectionable than disabling that entirely!).
If you would like to create an account on ARMwiki, please drop me an email at armwiki -at- heyrick -dot- co --dot-- uk and I'll send you the link.

Account reconciliation (2012/12/19)

Soon, possibly this weekend (22nd/23rd December), I am going to go through the user list and remove users where:

  • The gender of the email address does not match the gender of the user name (i.e. email is "richard@blahblah" and the user ID is "Lucy Blahblah").
  • The email address is clearly spam-related ("curlyhairextensions@blahblah").
  • The user record was last touched within ~20 minutes of creation (i.e. account created, user never logged in again)

Hopefully this and the above tweaks to the PHP will permit ARMwiki to have a tidy, sane, list of real users enjoying the facilities without the need for constant policing.

Keep your fingers crossed, for if this works out, I will restore the email-verified-gives-edit-access so you don't need to contact me for edit rights.

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