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Duh, of course we aren't Wikipedia! ;-)

What I mean, however, is that there are two fundamental differences between The Other Wiki and ourselves.

Firstly, you need to sign up in order to edit. While this procedure is not foolproof, it is intended to reduce the possibilities of... shall we say, unwanted content. Ditto for the simple maths captcha test.

  • Note that our policy is less forgiving with users who insert spam links. These users, when detected, will be blocked.

Secondly, as far as possible we wish to maintain a policy of no deletions. For while some content may require deletion, is it expected that all ARMwiki contributors keep in mind that all content was created by somebody, and the option to nuke it is not one that should be taken lightly. Therefore, it is expected that deletion will occur for content that is:

  • Illegal, immoral, or libellous (as definitions vary by legal jurisdiction, please email Admin as a first resort)
  • Blatant advertising (this includes any link to a page with more than two paid/advert links; or any link to a page/site that isn't relevant (like megabingo or such)).
  • Inappropriate (i.e. discussing 8051 addressing, for this is an ARM wiki!)
  • Infringement of copyright (when a Request for Content Removal is received, the content will we removed and replaced with a copy of your removal request).
  • Just plain wrong...

It is hoped that editors would consider repair, correction, or moving content to a more appropriate place rather than simple deletion.

So please, join in, help make ARMwiki all it can be!

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