IBX-100 - Introduction


Pace designed an 'Internet box', which was most prolifically marketed by Bush for their Internet service. It is a set-top-box that provides access to the internet via dialup to the predefined service.
It is easy to set up, one cable plugs into the TV, one cable plugs into the phone line, and one cable plugs into a standard mains socket. Switch it on, highlight the 'Connect to Internet' icon, and sign up.

That, basically, is all there is to it.


This document was written from the results of hackery. Basically, I fiddled around with the Bush box. I did not visit any other websites relating to the IBX-100 for assistance, because, dammit, I'm a hacker. I can figure this one out... :-)
I have, since writing this, visited several IBX-100 sources of information and I'm pleased to notice I've not missed anything blindingly obvious. Gnarly.


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