IBX-100 off-line tricks

Off-line tricks

From the main screen, you can type a few interesting things...


This is designed to allow automated testing. The unit will dial 101.


One girl, fifteen guys...

Who dunnit


This clears the screen and redraws the main screen. Behind the scenes, it replaced your printer selection with the magic option to enable booting from Zip disc (the older 100Mb type, Argo format). It's a bit more complicated than that, but it's a start...


This is a special access key that should work on the IBX-100 series, and it provides very usefully the following...

Setting it to your favourite ISP

(if the password doesn't work, don't worry - we discuss this in the section on getting a command line)

The next screen is much more interesting...

Setting it to your favourite ISP

I guess it is time to let you in on the little secret. I wasn't calling into Bush Internet for the majority of these piccies. Glenn has a spare phone line and a spare modem and a spare serial port on his netbsd box... so he's set up a serial connection to pppd. Yup, a one-line ISP!
Anyway, the IBX-100 quite happily accepted the new settings and connected to Glenn's system perfectly. Things were a little slower, as Glenn's modem is a 28800bps, but not so bad (as the box's modem is 33600bps); and resolving and fetching were both as effortless as I would have hoped for.


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