IBX-100 on-line tricks

On-line tricks

When you are on-line, you can call up the URL bar, or click the links, to visit a few 'special' URLs...
These links will only work on the Bush box. Please don't waste your time trying them if you are using something else!


This opens a brief status document. You can then reload it, or go 'Previous' (Function - 2).

The 'Managed Access Status Page'

Notice the date is 1970. This is because the IBX-100 does not have a battery backed RTC like, well, practically every other Acorn-based machine since the Master... It was, I guess, deemed that having an RTC was a waste of money when it would not be used for much.
The stored settings are held in a small NVRAM (4K?).
Interestingly, a small module 'fakes' the standard RISC OS-like CMOS RAM configurations at start-up. That's why you cannot *Configure a certain thing, and have the setting be remembered. There is no old-style CMOS RAM, and what is there is simply an emulation.


This opens a document detailing memory use, how much, where, and what. Again, you can then reload it, or go 'Previous' (Function - 2).

Memory information - obviously for geeks to read!


This is the it doesn't work option. I think it would if the file specified pointed to a valid HTML file, maybe in file:/cache:/ (that doesn't work either!). Annoyingly, it does not appear that Fresco will list directory contents if you give it a directory path instead of a file path, and it wouldn't open the !Boot.!Run file. Hmmm...
They've made the thing disturbingly drool-proof! :-)


Here comes the 'exploit'...

There's always one, isn't there?
This doesn't seem to crash your box properly, so the watchdog doesn't kick in. Instead, the cog wheels freeze and the creamy yellow background (of the cog wheels) flashes white and cream like mad. The only way I've found to get out of this is to pull the plug...


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