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Some people have asked... How does this page fare on a Bush box itself?

It looks okay. The screenshots, by and large, are too small to read easily on a 14 inch TV. The page renders well - pretty much like the Fresco it was designed with!

Here are the nerdy stats (created 2002/02/16)...

Entity                  Before   After   Difference

CacheFS workspace         448K   1104K   +656K
Fresco data               512K    916K   +404K
Fresco heap               468K    428K   + 40K
JPEG workspace             32K     44K   + 12K

Free memory available    3904K   2872K  -1032K

Start time               Sat,16 Feb 2002.02:24:06
HTML fetched, rendered   Sat,16 Feb 2002.02:24:17
All images, finished     Sat,16 Feb 2002.02:29:46
                                       Total 5:40

HTML data                 36,224 bytes
JPEG data                624,903 bytes


For other browsers, with 42K of HTML and 620K of JPEGs...

  1. 32 thousand colours
  2. 16 million colours (with thanks to Colin Ferris - screen mode 1024*768 16M)


Fancy trying this on your browser?

What you need to do is...
  1. shut down your browser and reload it with this page
  2. note how much memory the browser is using.
    For something like Fresco (on old systems) or Webite, you'll want to note the application slot size. For something like Fresco (new systems) or Browse, you will want to look for a dynamic area. For Oregano, it's several dynamic areas!
    If you are unsure what to look at, or if you are using a different operating system, then the easiest way is to look at your free memory display (or, possibly, your 'allocated memory' if you have a clever swapfile system).
  3. Note what resolution you are in. The colour depth (usually 16, 256, 32K, 16M) is more important than the X and Y resolutions.
    For PC users: 15 bit is 32K, 16 bit is 64K, and 24 bit (or 'TruColor') is 16M.
  4. Make sure your browser has been set to load and display the images.
  5. Click here to load the old version of this information
  6. Once it has loaded, and with it on-screen, check your memory again.
    The difference is the memory required to render the document.
    It will never be less than about 700K (on any system), as that is the size of the HTML and the images.
    Under RISC OS, if your browser converts to sprites, 32K will require about 7Mb, and 16M will require about 13Mb.


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