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I have been informed that the IBX-100 is a hack by the manufacturers (not Pace, the actual manufacturers of the motherboard) which was achieved by combining the motherboard, some video hardware, and a seperate power supply unit. As such, it has been suggested that the display quality is not all it can be, although I have not really noticed this in operation - maybe it isn't such an effect on smaller televisions like my 14 inch?

The later versions (the 2x0 range) have a better design. These come in a box that looks different, so can be easily told apart. However I've not seen one so I cannot comment.
The main difference in the 2xx range is the 200 is a 'cost reduced' board, where the 250 has the same motherboard as used in the IBX-100 ... albeit in a bigger casing.

There is an IBX-101 which is basically the same as the IBX-100, but it has been preprogrammed to connect to FreeServe instead of Bush Internet.

And, finally, let us not forget the television. You have the standard 14" telly with built-in Internet, and more recently a rather nice looking widescreen telly with built-in Internet. I'm not sure what the hardware in these is, but since most of the IBX models use the same motherboard, I'd go out on a limb and suggest maybe.....


There are apparently two ROM versions: the original (I guess, 1.0) which offers the browser and 40 bit SSL; and the later (1.1?) which offers 128 bit SSL. There are other differences, but more internal stuff.
Rumour has it that a national building society (Nationwide?) is offering 128 bit SSL ROMs to their customers using the Bush box (for £30ish) so that they may access the on-line stuff using their Bush box.
I'm not aware of this upgrade available for general sale. Maybe the building society is subsidising the cost? If anybody knows different, please contact me!


Likewise, if you have any more details, please contact me!


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