Webite 1.50 release notes



This is a source snapshot release!!!.

It is intended that releases from Webite Central are considered more useful than Jon Ribben's original release, which was available from ftp.doggysoft.co.uk. Anyone moaning about these releases not doing this and that is more than welcome to edit the source accordingly!

Anyone who feels they can have a go at any of the 'tasks to do' below are welcome to download the source (if you have not already!) and play about. If anything useful grows, please report back. It is handy to know what people may be up to!

Changes in this version

Tasks still to do


This releases of Webite is classified as freeware. It may be freely re-distributed in it's supplied form. All of the supplied software except for PNGToSpr and JPEGToSpr may be re-distributed in any form.

All of the code originating from Termite Internet is Copyright 1995-1997 DoggySoft Ltd. Huge thanks are due to them for releasing the sources in the first place, and allowing this free re-release. In particular, I would like to thank Jon Ribbens, Ben Dooks and Dickon Hood for their massive help.

Thanks are also due to Alex Macfarlane Smith, for the TermiteIP to BSD sockets work, WebProxy, and lots of fiddling with the sources.

A portion of the image helping code, and most of DrawToSpr is Copyright David McCormack, and many thanks to him for allowing it to be modified and included. His disc cache viewer code is also used. Thanks again.

The image helper makes extensive use of advanced JPEG and PNG components courtesy of R-Comp (these are used with permission and originate as part of the WebsterXL web browser).

Major parts of the configuration desktop front-end, and the and the alternate Sprites22 were created by Michael Curtis. Thanks to him for allowing these items to be included.