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When I was a little kid, I didn't have computers in my life, but I liked taking things apart - record players, washing machines, etc.

When I was twelve and a bit, I was introduced to the Acorn BBC Micro at school and I wasn't overly impressed until I realised that a few lines of BBC BASIC would sort out my maths homework. And, well, it kind of grew from there.
In '87 I got my own Beeb, a second-hand Model B. In '89 I upgraded to a new Acorn A3000 with an ARM processor clocking a massive 8MHz and 1Mb RAM onboard (this sort of stuff was cutting edge back then). Then followed an A5000, and a RiscPC. Along the way I accrued other stuff - some Bush Boxes, a couple of Electrons, a FileStore...

I have always thought highly of the ARM. Right from my lame efforts in typing in listings from Acorn User, the processor struck me as both simple and powerful. The right amount of flexibility. In latter years the x86 has been kicking around, from the 8088s running DOS to the latest hardware running Windows or Linux. I've tried to minimise my exposure to an architecture that strikes me as being pathologically deranged, almost psychotic - if it is even possible to provide such attributes to an instruction set...

[more to follow, work beckons, meh...]

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