Britney reached #1 on CD:UK

The captions are mine :-)
Image 1; JPEG 24K
Okay guys, is this cute enough?
Shame about the background colour though.



Image 2; JPEG 27K
Handheld cameras just don't do a nice straight picture...



Image 3; JPEG 25K
Are these the same guys that were behind me last time?



Image 4; JPEG 29K
And you see, when you release your parachute,
everything kinda spins around like this...



Image 5; JPEG 40K
Ahhhhh... Cute to the point of requiring a pink sick
bucket. Oh, the stage is pink. Wow. Big bucket!



Image 6; JPEG 23K
Can you say 'smug'? Can you? Go on, try it. Smmm-uuug!



Image 7; JPEG 25K
Ooooh, manhandled...



Image 8; JPEG 21K
Oh dear. I think a stake or Holy Water would have
worked better, but I'll just have to improvise.



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