Britney's "Baby One More Time" video

The captions are mine :-)
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A landslide victory...



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Hey, this is fun. Better than being in biology.



Image 3; JPEG 22K
Any other school, we'd get suspended for wearing this.



Image 4; JPEG 20K
Oh my... Monday morning, double maths followed
by double English. Who thinks up these schedules?!?



Image 5; JPEG 18K
Yaaargh! Who put that spider in my locker? NOT FUNNY.



And then they decided to roll the credits. Sorry!



Image 6; JPEG 23K
I never figured on the back seat of a car being this comfortable...



Image 7; JPEG 29K
Oh, that's gotta hurt.
(Britney does athletics - that really was her flipping!)



Image 8; JPEG 24K
Say, wasn't this the place where Merrick met his match?



Image 9; JPEG 23K
Look into my eyes. You are feeling very sleepy. Sleepy...



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