Some of the dish pictures that
have been used on this website


March 2004

This is the very first picture that was used as a "dish picture" in the main index.

The big white dish...


April - September 2004

This is what my LNB has to 'see' through...

Trees in the way...


September 2004 - March 2005

A different perspective of the dish.
You'll see I've changed to the mesh dish. The big metal one was too likely to be flung around in the wind, when 'mounted' in this manner.

From the ground up!


March 2005

A composite image.

A boring bit of wall...  boring bit of wall... The top of the dish... Trees in the background... Trees in the background...
A boring bit of wall... It's an air vent for the old oil furnace... That's Nounou in the background, he climbs stuff... The pond, in the background... The pond, in the background...
A boring bit of wall and an equally boring bit of tarmac... Can you spot the Woody Allen ant? The wall bracket isn't terribly useful when mounted like this! Dish, lower left... When aliens attack, they will land right here...
Meet "Big Ed"... he wants to know when he'll get to see his first daffodil... The dish is also held in place, at the sides, using the grooves in standard ridge tiles... If you look carefully, you'll see a little rock tucked under the LNB arm to help prevent up/down movement... The purpose of the big rock is to press against the LNB arm thus stopping the dish from sideways movement (in REASONABLE winds!)... ...or maybe here? Nobody is entirely certain where they'll land.
Big Ed woz 'ere! Big Ed is 'ere... Oh look! It's a piece of wire to chew on! Ensure there's slack, so when idiots (such as myself) trip over the wire, it doesn't do too much damage! This is remarkable because it is so utterly unremarkable. Aliens won't bother landing here... Or will they? <cue spooky music!>


April 2005

A little bit of Springtime Cheer!

Daffs and Dish!


May 2005

I thought I'd try something a little bit, you know, different...
...the general concensus was it was kinda seasick-inducing.

An animation!


June 2005 (1st half)

A tiny deviation in May - this is Alina Jenkins, the extremely cute weather presenter who will be known to viewers of South Today (BBC 1 South and BBC 1 Oxford regions).

Alina having a bit of fun with the main presenter, Sally Taylor.


June 2005 (2nd half) - November 2005

The LNB, with the satmeter wired in.

One LNB, one sat meter, the signal could have been better...


November 2005 - April 2006

It is hard to realign a dish when your furry little helper keeps getting in the way!

Mmmm, how does this work then?


April - November 2006

A photo of me sitting with my dish!

Me! Sitting beside my dish...


Also July - August 2006

Keeping the LNB cool!
The photo appears 'washed out' as it was very bright and very hot that day; the dish now resting in the shade of the house.

Cover the LNB!


December 2006

A chance bat photograph - awesome!
This is the only other picture (the other being Alina Jenkins) that doesn't have a satellite dish, LNB, or somesuch in it...

Flying mice...
Bats are not the easiest things to photograph.
With the loan of a decent 7 megapixel SLR, I fired off
around 60 shots. Finally I got one to be proud of!
(the diagonal lines are our three-phase power lines)


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