FreeSat: Update 2009/04/17

(for the Goodman's GFSAT100SD)


The update commences...

As soon as I enter the EPG to look at what's on, I get the "update in progress" display, like two months to the day since the previous update!
Like last time, it's all done and dusted in about three minutes. Like last time the on-screen messages are a bit overly geeky (words like "download"); however the whole process is relatively painless.

My receiver is now:


What's new?

On the face of it, nothing is new. The API look'n'feel is the same, however there have less obvious changes.

For example, my receiver 'lost' Zone Horror, so I reinitialised my receiver. After entering a postal code and setting the TV geometry, the receiver absolutely belted through the rest of the setup. In around five seconds it said 100%, 95 new services added. This is good, as I said in the main review that if the EPG data channel held the information on services that are available, it is 'silly' to look at each possible channel in turn to pick out the Freesat channels when there's a ready-made list!


I will update this document if I discover any other new/changed stuff.


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