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It's been a YEAR. This stuff is out of date!


France 5

It seems as if France 5 (12207 V 27500 3/4) is encrypted now. The programme information appears, but no picture. There is no request to insert a card, but this does not happen for non-UK channels that I know require a card.
Well, another one bites the dust...

What do we miss? Such highlights as Enceinte et en forme which is all about how to keep preggie woman looking adorable and not like they've been hitting the burritos (you have no idea how many girls around here are adorable, it's worth leaving England just to be able to look at them, and maybe one day I'll be able to say something to them too!!!); and Recherche Nounou Désespérément... as far as I can work out, a 'nounou' is from 'nourissent' and it is a type of nanny. If they're looking for a nanny that badly, I'd volunteer (I was a Care Assistant, for all my weirdness I'm actually a nice person!) but I've just tried a demo of a program called NounouPaye and, well, the paperwork that this program implies is scary... There's only one thing I hate more than stupid politicians and that's PAPERWORK.
Anyway, if you speak French and you're about to have/have just had a baby - you'll miss this channel, otherwise... :-)



New to the line-up is the Dutch channel ClearTV. Earlier, boat racing. Right now? Some white guy with a huge Afro hairdo playing with a heap of gold jewellery - and since I don't speak a word of Dutch (asides from "Hup Erik"!), I have no idea what he is on about...


Strong and weak channels

In times when your dish isn't exactly aligned, your reception is marginal, or the weather sucks more than normal; you may experience lossage on the following transponders:

Conversely, the strongest signals appear to be:

Of these three, CNN International is required for time syncing as 11778V is assigned as the 'default transponder'.
TV Canarias appears to be the strongest signal of all. On days when my box is acting up, I know that when I lose this channel, then it is a lost cause.


¿Habla español?

Si ver usted el canal "TVEi", el cambiar a 11568 V 22000 5/6 con TV 5, arte, Al jazeera, y RAI Uno.


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