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Everything you read, when you read it, and where you are reading it is recorded.

Don't panic!

This is just a normal web server log. Anywhere that doesn't admit to this is either lying or misconfigured. As you can imagine, I do not bother to read through any of this stuff - there's just too much of it!


With respect to personal information: nothing is required of you. You don't have to provide any name or email address, you don't have to log in. Furthermore this part of HeyRick is not 'customisable' so no cookies are used. There is no insidious tracing information embedded in any part of this site (I'm thinking, specifically, of the likes of doubleclick.net's advert logos).


If you should encounter this site...

or... ...then:

Please stop using this site immediately.

Please, also, email me (at the MerseyMail or Yahoo! address) to tell me how you came across this suspicious copy of my content.


With the specific exception of automatic language translation utilities, permission is not granted for any part of this content to be embedded within a frame or to have the hyperlinks 'munged' for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore, cookies are not to be applied to anything relating to this content.

So, if you find this is not the case - your privacy may be at risk. I am not asking who you are - I don't need to know.
Unexpected 'frames', munged URLs, or cookies suggest that somebody or something is interested in following you. Don't allow it.

Always access this content at it's home URL:



Thank you for reading.



BTW: Did you know that with MSIE (and possibly similar browsers) you can tell the browser to block cookies from specific web sites? You'll probably still get the adverts, but they won't get their tracing information...
Click on the Tools menu item. Select Internet Options... and in the window that appears, choose the Privacy tab.
You can now click on the Edit... button (near the bottom) to enter specific websites and choose to always-allow or always-block cookies from the specified site.

You might, also, like to look in the Security tab as sites that you do not feel you can trust can be individually entered into the Restricted sites security zone.

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