All of the information given here is given in good faith, and it is believed to be correct (after all, it is what I did!).

Some of the information involves modifying the setup of your Digibox, and one part discusses tapping from internal power to run a fan.
If you are not aware of the consequences of doing these things, or of the potential to royally bugger things up, then please do not try any of this...
You may end up needing to call somebody out to reset your Digibox, or you may even end up with a dead box.

If you are a youngster reading this, then I understand you might think it is fun to whip the lid off of your parent's Digibox given any excuse - hell, I'm just like you. But, look, your parents are unlikely to think it is amusing!
If you really really cannot imagine life without having poked around inside a Digibox (it isn't actually that interesting - it is all solid state - nothing to twiddle), grovel to your parents to get you one off eBay...

Certainly, do not try any of this on a Digibox you aren't prepared to sling it in the dustbin tomorrow morning...


I cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage, however caused, as a result of your reading and using any of this information. It is up to you to judge the quality of this information, and if you don't understand anything - DO NOT GUESS - go find somebody who knows.


That was all a bit heavy. I, personally, don't feel that there is anything here (apart from the fan installation or a botched forced-upload) that is likely to 'break' a Digibox.
I thought I'd state the above, basically to cover my ass.


One final word - unless you are on the Sky satellite with a DAMNED GOOD reception, NEVER try to force a software upgrade, either by the "New installation" option in the install menu, or by holding Back-up on the box while powering it up.
I do not know if this process is 'abortable' upon there not being any actual upgrade on the satellite you're looking at. Worse still, it may be possible that the Digibox remembers an upgrade was started, so from then onwards, every time you power up, it might try to upgrade itself. I have no idea if this is what happens - being on a satellite that is not Sky, I don't plan to find out...


There is probably some neat little Latin phrase that can sum up all of this, like 'caveat emptor' does for purchasing.I don't know.
All I'll say then is "Whatever happens, this is only a guide, it is not absolute, and if anything goes wrong, it isn't my fault.".
By the way, if such disclaimers are not permitted in your local law then you are forbidden from viewing and using this information. Read between the lines people...


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Copyright © 2004 Richard Murray