Reception with a non-Sky receiver

Arty picture of the front panel buttons of the SL65 receiver.Quite how you set up a non-Sky receiver to watch SkyDigital's FTA channels depends very much on the receiver that you are using, and also if you plan to include added complications such as switching equipment for multiple LNBs on one receiver.

One thing that is consistant is that the majority of FTA receivers will not 'pretend' to be a Sky Digibox - therefore, and since I have been given a Silvercrest SL65 FTA receiver (thanks Eper!), I shall describe the receiver and how it differs from the Digibox.

  • A wander around the SL65 receiver.
  • And, the expected "peek inside"!
  • Data retrieval experimentations
    Trying to receive the firmware on a slowish computer using DOS...
  • A little wander over to Hotbird, and a peek at the Sky Italia receiver...


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