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We shall start with the infamous Rick-pic that is used in the program information boxes of my software...only this is the big version. :-)

[Picture of Rick; JPEG 12Kb]
Copyright © 1995 Richard Murray
(large version is 52K, 720 x 508)

The map in the background shows the footprint of various broadcasting satellites. The T-shirt is an S4C one.
The candle? Well... That would be telling!



How could we not include the gratuitous 'Angela Chase' picture?

[Picture of Angela; JPEG 7Kb]
Copyright unknown - email if you know
(large version is 24K, 334 x 406)



Next up, an old (February 1995) piccy of Rick. For those of you with dodgy systems - this is supposed to be a monochrome image. :-)

[Older picture of Rick; JPEG 26Kb]
Copyright © 1995 Richard Murray
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Another oldie (August 1994) when my Acorn A5000 was a new aquisition, and quite a step up from my previous machine. This one also is monochrome.

['nother picture of Rick; JPEG 18Kb]
Copyright © 1994 Richard Murray
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Okay. Now you have to be brave or mad to put up a 'baby picture'. Well, here is mine and the reason? I'll plead the fifth...

This is not a true baby picture. I reckon all babies look pretty much the same, so here is Rick a little bit older when the Rick-ness (?) is emerging. The person behind me is my father.

[Baby picture; JPEG 20Kb]
Copyright © 1998 Richard Murray
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You've heard of Happy Ammo mode with Wolfenstein3D? Well this is Happy FS mode on my computer. Count those harddiscs/partitions!
WindowsTM wishes it could be this cool...

[HappyFS; JPEG 8Kb, 946 x 67]
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"Chomp" (mom's cockatiel) giving himself a bath in his water dish.

[Bird Bath; JPEG 23Kb]
Copyright © 1996 Richard Murray
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Whilst on the bird theme, I thought I'd include this picture of a duck in flight across the River Parrett. It was taken in the summer of 1993 in Bridgwater (Somerset, England) with some degree of technical magic...

[Duck; JPEG 10Kb]
Copyright © 1993 Richard Murray
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For the exact location, find the statue (next to W.H.Smith). Walk down the paved shopping area until you reach the bridge. Turn left. Walk about 50 metres until you are near a chip shop and a second hand record store. Turn right. Imagine walking a few metres out into the river...



You can't have missed my current droolworthy person is not actually Angela Chase.
Welcome to "Willow" (BtVS)... In real life her name is Alyson Hannigan (remember the cute kid from the film "My Stepmother is an Alien").
Nice, smart, computer literate, collects Beanie Babies. What more could a person want?
<long sigh...>

(don't remember where I got this picture - off the Internet somewhere)

[Alyson; JPEG 10Kb]
Copyright unknown - email if you know
(large version is 75K, 474 x 530)


In case you can't remember the cute kid in "My Stepmother is an Alien"... :-)

[Alyson; JPEG 24Kb]
Copyright unknown - email if you know
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I think this is a publicity shot for BtVS...

[Alyson; JPEG 9Kb]
Copyright unknown (Warner Brothers?) - email if you know
(large version is 23K, 390 x 532)



NEW! Alyson was featured in the 'Pizzazz on Parade' pages of the National Enquirer July 27th 1999 issue. I scanned the image to include here, then remade the background to flat white because the magazine background did not look that good in the scan. It's on page four if you want to see the original.

The accompanying text read:

How fresh, how flash, how funky!
I love everything about Alyson Hannigan's outfit - her Popsicle-stick purse, cuff bracelet, ankle-skimming dress and sassy sandals.
Alyson - Willow on TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and a geek in the gross-out comedy "American Pie" - knows how to play the pretty young thing.

[Alyson; JPEG 7Kb]
Original Copyright © 1999 National Enquirer Inc.
Scanned and modified by Richard Murray 1999

(large version is 110K, 433 x 1421)



More piccies to come...

...if you'd like something less than a decade out of date, peruse my b.log and look for piccies there!

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