Rick's Shortbread biscuits
Part 1 (of 5)

Take the flour and put it in the mixing bowl.
If you are using a wooden spoon, it is recommended that you sift the flour through a mesh strainer - to help remove lumps. If you are using a mixer, you do not need to do this.

Adding the flour; GIF 39K

Next, add your butter or margarine. As you can see from the picture, I am using one of these synthetic spreads - "Utterly Butterly". Which you choose depends upon taste.
Whichever type you choose, it must be softened. You can do this by wrapping the required amount in clingfilm and leaving it out on the kitchen counter for a while. If you are using a mixer, you can be more tolerant about how soft the butter or margarine actually is. Most synthetic spreads can be used straight from the fridge.

Adding the butter; GIF 40K

Now you should add your sugar. Don't be tempted to add extra sugar if you like it sweet, you can do this later on.
The sugar is quite hard to see in the picture. It is responsible for the peculiar texture of the butter lump.

Adding the sugar; GIF 24K

Finally, add a pinch of salt.


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