BreakAid v0.01

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The problem...

Debugger too unfriendly?
DDT too complex? (or you don't have the DDE?)

Fear not - for maybe BreakAid can help?

If this screenshot makes sense to you - perhaps BreakAid can add to your debugging arsenal?

Debugging is complicated!

It's simple. Call XBreakAid_Attach to set up the system, then if that didn't return an error (implying BreakAid is loaded), call OS_BreakPt. At that point, BreakAid will step in and examine and change some things. It isn't designed to be a debugger, it is designed to let you look at the things you may want to look at while working through some problematic code.


What this software works upon

In case the screenshots weren't a give-away, this software is for use with RISC OS. It won't work with Apple iThingies, Windows, Ubuntu, Android phones, your granny's microwave, etc etc.

It will work with:




You might want to refer to the Versions file to see what has changed between versions.




The licence Ts & Cs

This software is copyright © 2016 Richard Murray. All rights reserved.
Permission granted for you to copy, install, use, give to others, etc provided: No charge is made, this file is supplied with the executable, the executable is not modified, and you provide a link to this website if practicable to do so.

Special exemption for RISC OS Open - they may include this software in their product(s) and release(s) as they see fit, including as a part of retail product(s).


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