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What is TechnikaTweak? なにですか

Tesco, a leading British supermarket, is selling a brand of MP3 player called "Technika". It is one of those neck-strap plugs-into-the-USB devices.
Offering 256Mb, plays MP3 and WMA (optionally with DRM), it can also be a storage device (pretty useful if you need a place to drop a few Hayley Westenra JPEGs and you don't trust floppies much these days and the computer you're using can't burn CDs...). Oh, and it can record audio too.

The MP3 player has a number of user-configurable options (play mode, equaliser, backlight time-out, etc). This software allows you to modify these options in a pointy-clicky way, as shown:

TechnikaTweak in use...

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