Phone home, phoooone hoooome!

What is sent

I'll cut straight to the chase and say what is sent. Then I will say why, and then argue my case.

You can communicate with this site in three ways:

There is one other thing. In all requests, VeroDes builds a User-Agent string identifying itself as VeroDes and listing the version. This is neither read nor logged. Just a formality.


Why is this sent?

In all of my years of working with VeroDes, I have had few reports back from users. Those who contacted me have been extremely helpful, but they could be counted on my fingers.
As time is short, it makes sense to concentrate my efforts where it will be most useful. Thus, VeroDes will be a little more proactive in letting me, personally, know about its deployment.

This benefits you too. VeroDes is not just calling home for the sake of it. It is actually providing versioning information so you can be alerted to new versions. To see this in action, copy this link to your URL bar:

Did you notice the extremely obvious "there's an update" message that appeared?


Why the runcount?

The runcount is used to determine if you're a VeroDes newbie, or somebody who has been using it a while. That's it.


Isn't this like the horrid Windows "Genuine Advantage"?


Let's clear up a few things right away:


Why is this so important to you?

Let me put it in simple terms.
I would like to make an HTML help file for VeroDes. I would like to make the support site multi-page like some of the others. I would like to look at the possibility of other enhancements.

However: now that components can be rotated, now that it works on Vista, now that most of the known issues have been sorted... I consider VeroDes to be "ready". This is why the licencing terms no longer forbid (re)distribution. In my mind, VeroDes is ready to meet the world.

In other words. VeroDes is more or less complete.

Do I continue development of this software, or do I leave it awaiting the few bug reports that may or may not arrive? That depends entirely upon how 'popular' it is, and that is determined by the log file of VeroDes's communications with the server.



Does your Firefox check for updates? How about the extensions installed. WinAMP? Your OS itself?
Lots of things check for updates. It is fairly routine these days.
The only big difference here is that I am being completely clear about what is being sent.
And what this information is being used for.



If you've read thus far and you still think VeroDes is a privacy concern, so be it. I have obviously failed to convince you otherwise, so listed below are ways to work around this.

But note again - the results of the logging of VeroDes deployment determine whether or not development on this software continues, or if I turn my attentions to the hundreds of other things I should do.

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