Foxy v1.20

Foxy is a utility for !Voyager which puts a toolbar on the screen. By default this toolbar is grey and unobtrusive (as on the left). However when the mouse passes over it, it pops up and becomes 'alive' (as on the right).

Image; 3K GIF <-- Greyed out    Image; 3K GIF <-- Alive (mouse over)

It provides (toolbar functions, top down):

Image; 8K GIF
Call coster window
Image; 10K GIF
Interface to the HTML-to-text convertor.

Image; 4K GIF
When Foxy is busy, an animated status (optional) pops up


Image; 14K GIF
Foxy is configurable


Software status:

  Software name        : Foxy
  Latest version       : 1.20

  Archive size         : 94405 bytes
  Classification       : Freeware
  Registration cost    : None

  RISC OS 2 compatible : No
  RISC OS 3 compatible : Yes
  WIMP 3.98 compatible : Yes
  RISC OS 4 compatible : Untested, should work okay

  Written in           : BASIC and in-line assembler;
                         HTML decoder written in C, compiled with Norcroft C 4
  Libraries            : HTML decoder - uses Norcroft standard C libraries

Foxy download
foxy.vti (92K) Version 1.20
Foxy v1.20 normal distribution.
FOXY IS A VIXEN - drop it onto the VIX manager to install it.
This software requires RISC OS running on the ARM chipset
If your computer is different, don't bother downloading this software!


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Copyright © 1999 Richard Murray