Mewzyck v0.12

Whether it be Jochen and classic music, or myself and soft rock; what better way to read ZFC than have some good music playing?

Image; GIF 4K
The main control window

This is a fairly simple little CD player - but it does the stuff, including:

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Setting up a CD

Software status:

  Software name        : Mewzyck
  Latest version       : 0.12

  Archive size         : 53229 bytes
  Classification       : Freeware
  Registration cost    : None

  RISC OS 2 compatible : No
  RISC OS 3 compatible : Yes
  WIMP 3.98 compatible : Yes
  RISC OS 4 compatible : Untested, should work okay

  Written in           : BASIC
  Libraries            : n/a

Mewzyck download (52K) Version 0.12
Mewzyck v0.12 normal distribution.
This software requires RISC OS running on the ARM chipset
If your computer is different, don't bother downloading this software!


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Copyright © 1999 Richard Murray