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My requirements were simple. I wanted to be able to clone my website on a Zip disc (or any other DOS partition, for that matter) and actually have the thing work.
What is what !PCifySite does. It will purposefully BREAK your site into something that MSIE and NetScape should be able to handle without running around in a temper.

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The introductory window, select what to PCify by dragging it.


The features are:


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PCify lets you know what it is doing, and estimates the time remaining.


The registered version offers these enhancements:

PCifySite costs just £10

The Econet Enthusiasts Area was converted on my A5000.
  ShareWare release . . . 1 minute, 34 seconds
  Registered release  . . 44 seconds

The registered version is more than twice as fast at PCifying.

My entire website (17,937,352 bytes) was converted, from a harddisc to a PC partition file, on my RicPC700. The alternative naming method was used, and archive files were not copied. All 1285 files were scanned, and the 1155 files that were not archives were PCifyied (as I write this) in 14 minutes and 19 seconds.


New! Site licences available for large networks in educational or commercial (et cetera) enviroments. However, for use on a private bedroom/home network, no site licence is required.


Software status:

  Software name        : PCifySite
  Latest version       : 0.02 (registered version 0.12)

  Archive size         : 18658 bytes
  Classification       : ShareWare
  Registration cost    : £10 (sterling)

  RISC OS 2 compatible : No
  RISC OS 3 compatible : Yes
  WIMP 3.98 compatible : Yes
  RISC OS 4 compatible : Untested, should work okay

  Written in           : BASIC and assembler
  Libraries            : n/a

PCinfySite download
pcifysite.zip (18K) Version 0.02
PCifySite shareware distribution.
This software requires RISC OS running on the ARM chipset
If your computer is different, don't bother downloading this software!


Payment options:


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Copyright © 2001 Richard Murray