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PreNews will not be developed further. It seems the source code never got added to my backup stuff, hence.....
It's a damn shame, as PreNews was actually quite nice (internally), and a day would have added support for all/most systems.
As it is, PreNews is nice and fast - but you will need to be using a RiscPC as it wants Dynamic Areas. Sorry!

PS: Don't bother reporting bugs - not much I can do about it.

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Please excuse the lack of detail, it is 4 o'clock in the morning as I write this, so my concentration isn't as good as it could be (is it ever?).





This program is in development, so it is not guaranteed to work perfectly in every instance. The major caveat, however, is that it currently requires Dynamic Areas to process your news (the subject scan will work from file). This means you will need Justin Fletcher's DDA or a RiscPC. Given the size of news downloads, a RiscPC is recommended.

It is a licence condition of this software that you may not use this software if you are a supporter of UCITA. Please, do the world a favour. Learn about UCITA. Seriously. Don't just bark and yap and roll over when big business says to. It is in the interest of large software companies to promote legislation that washes their hands of all sorts of liabilities. Please, don't be a do-gooder with the issue of UCITA unless you know exactly why you are helping to destroy the American software industry.
Not that I care about the likes of Microsoft, I'm a Brit. But this damn country is in such a rush to 'be American' that I want to do all I can to prevent anything like UCITA even being considered here, never mind adopted.


This software requires RISC OS and internet software. It is targetted at users of Argo's Voyager, but it can be modified for other systems.
If you are running Linux, *bsd, Windows, or Apple's OS * - don't bother downloading this. It won't work.

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