This site is being redesigned.
The idea is to have a Windows CHM file that contains the same content as will be here...

There is no target date for completion.
Until then, some resources:

  • 6502asm, 6502 assembler v0.04 2008/06/11
    New in this version: Untested support for the 65C02 processor (based upon the W65C02S datasheet).
    Various small tweaks, esp. to output messages.


  • AmélieEm, Amélie system emulator v0.01an 2008/03/12
    New in this version: No changes to core; support for Win32 port and the three versions rationalised.
    Win32: Numerous fixes to CONIO32 for better operation.

    • amem001an.exe - DOS application with Windows self-installer; 172K
    • amem001anw32.exe - Win32 console version with self-installer; 152K
      This is slower than the DOS version, but it may work in situations where Windows does not want to run a 16 bit DOS application... Vista perhaps?
    • - RISC OS (zip file); 58K


  • BIOS sources, very VERY unfinished!

    If your browser doesn't want to let you at .s65 files, or if you wish to just look at them, 'text' versions are available:

  • Whitepapers
    • irqhandling.pdf, 21K
      This is an overview of the proposed IRQ handling method.
      Note that since this was written, the specification has been altered to use NMI as a form of 'panic', to abort the current behaviour no matter what else is going on. The difference between this and "pulling the plug" is that we may be running a debugger onboard which will permit an attached serial device to try to ascertain what happened... This modification won't have much impact on the proposed IRQ system because it is provided as a separate processor vector so can be distinct.
    • serialcomms.pdf, 22K
      The BIOS will present a fairly high-level view of serial communications; such as "send this string", with all the buffering and serial transmission and flow control being performed by the BIOS and not the application code.
      This is a look at how the proposed serial handling will be implemented.

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