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Recently I have been receiving a large number of spams along the lines of:

My name: Alisa XXXXXXXX
Age: 31
Country: Australia
Post code: XXXX
Address: XX Sullivan Court

Stop by my webpage ... simply click the next web page


Hey, i'm called XXXXX i live in XXXXX. I really enjoy crafts and arts and i also
seem to be spending increasingly more of my own time in communities of similar
men and women. At the minute I'm exploring at toerings and anklets and i'm
increasingly skilled at making my very own. I'm always in search of new types to
base my work on so i wish to find some ideas right here! Thanks for having me.

Check out my blog post ... Toe ring

There seem to have been a large number recently, and mostly from sites. It looks like there are similarities in the sites, indeed, I can point the finger for a lot of this to a Martin Mallett from Lincolnshire (whoo, domain lookups!). It is especially deceptive when these fake users register as somebody from US, Australia, etc, and all point to British domains selling... toe rings and such. OMG.

Anyway, I am a sole admin and given the spam:content ratio around here, I have taken the decision that only permitted users can make wiki edits.

Certainly, on a bad link to a mobile phone in a car (I'm a passenger, by the way!), it can take several minutes for each tidy-up.

How to become a permitted user

Three easy steps:

  1. If you have not signed up, do so now. You'll need to log in to edit, so you'll need to sign up.
  2. Get your email address confirmed.
  3. Send me an email, either from the wiki or the Yahoo! address posted around the site.
  • In the email, as a guard against spammy attempts, please tell me what is your favourite feature of the ARM. Why do you like it? I'm looking for technical proficiency (rather than a cut'n'paste from here), but it doesn't have to be long - a line or two will suffice.

Once I receive the email, I'll add you to the list of Contributors.

Final apology

Sorry again for do it in this way. I have neither the time nor resources to keep stamping on spam. I certainly welcome contributors to ARMwiki, just those who will be productive!

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