Writing a non-APCS program
with the DDE


If you are writing a pure assembler program, then you do not have to follow APCS for objasm to assemble it.

  AREA |my$$code|, CODE, READONLY

R0  RN 0
R14 RN 14
PC  RN 15

  MOV  R0, #255
  SWI  1 ; OS_WriteS
  DCB  "Alyson! ", 0
  SUBS R0, R0, #1
  BNE  loop
  MOV  PC, R14

That is a really tiny program. objasm will compile it, and if you tell link to output a Binary file (basically an 'app' without the AIF header), then you'll have a program 32 bytes long:
   ÿ[00] ã[01][00][00]ïAlyson! [00][00][00][00][01][00]Pâùÿÿ[1a][0e]ð á

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