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RISC OS browsers

If, upon clicking a "Download this example" link, your browser attempts to render the program - this is due to the extension '.basic' not being known by the system.

In order to make it work, you will need to amend the "MimeMap" file. This may be in !Internet.files if you use the Acorn setup; or !Voyager.Stack.Files if you use Voyager.

Open the file, and look for the line:
application/riscos * * (in !Edit, the spaces will appear as "[09]").

Just above that, enter the following:
application/basic BASIC FFB .bas .basic
and save the file.

If the MimeMap module is currently loaded, enter:
to cause the new settings to be read. Then test it by entering:
*MimeMap .basic
The reply should be something like:

*MimeMap .basic
Mime type: application/basic, RISC OS file type: 0xffb

Now, when you click on a .basic file, it will appear with the correct filetype, it won't be rendered, and it will be saved correctly.


For non-RISC OS systems

You will need to save the file straight to disc. Usually this means clicking the link with the RIGHT mouse button, and selecting an option similar to "Save target as...". The precise method depends upon your software. Please refer to your instructions for details of how to save something to disc.


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