The on-line news and information service for RISC OS users.
I am biased towards drobe as Chris and I are e-friends.
Just thought I should make any affiliation clear. :-)

Tries to be the ultimate portal for RISC OS users.


Acorn Search

Search for all-things Acorn.


Darren Salt's programs

It is not normally considered tasteful to call the user an idiot... but...

If you program in assembler in BASIC, or even in RISC OS, you'd be an idiot not to check out this website!!!

Before you get insultage, visit the website. You'll soon see why I consider it a MUST STOP site.
BTW, give me points for the three exclamation marks. :-)


ARM Linux

You might find a device driver source or something, which could be useful for examining. Look out for the Econet (6854 ADLC) driver.


StrongARM processors

Developer site for the StrongARM processor.


Operating Systems supporting the ARM


Home of the ARM processor

Some interesting support information, but unfortunately nothing on the older generation processors (at least, not that I could find).


ARM compiler

ARM C compiler for Windows NT. Supports only ARM 7. Outputs ARMELF format files.
Also provides a link for ARM ELF Gnu tools for NT.



Do you have Nick Roberts' ASM assembler? If not, get it.
I know it is lame and crass to say such-and-such is the best software, but in my opinion, this one DESERVES such an attribute.


HENSA mirror at

Some useful software, even if a little on the old site.


About Acorn and ARM processors

by Richard Atterer.
If you came here out of (morbid?) curiosity, this well written document explains the machines and the processors; and helps to divulge why those people involved with the system seem to be blind advocates. It's not that it's the worlds 'best' system, but rather Acorn put effort into making it a good productive system...


The CodeVault

Fancy getting into coding in a bigger way? This may give you a head start...
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an index for this!?


Doom It Yourself

Written in C and assembler, this allows you to 'roll your own' port of DOOM for RISC OS machines. Latest version should compile with Norcroft C, but you'll also need the Doom WAD file. It isn't small...


Element 14

The old Acorn Group is the new Element 14.
Or something like that...
[November 2001 - this URL takes you to a company in America called Broadcom!]



The people responsible for keeping RISC OS alive, and bringing us RISC OS 4...



My God! Somebody is actually mad enough to try to pull this off!
Actually, I wish them the best of luck. It'd be nice to have a GOOD (free?) browser.



Release of StrayLight utilities source. Some useful tools.


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