2004/03/10 at 03:25 CET

Yes, I know 'hello' is a lame title... It is apparently -5°C outside and I am cold, even with a hot water bottle on my lap. :-( Anyway, I'm sorry if 'hello' is a lame title, but I'm not feeling so inspired right now.
While there is not much new content here, a lot of small updates and corrections have been made, so you might like to take a quick read through this site (or download one of the archives) in order to refresh your memory.



Wednesday, 10th March 2004 [France]



Monday, 16th February 2004 [France]



Monday, 29th December 2003 [France]



Wednesday, 24th December 2003 [France]



Tuesday, 23rd December 2003 [France]



Saturday, 23rd August 2003 [France]



Thursday, 10th October 2002 [France]



Monday, 22nd July 2002 [France]



Friday, 5th July 2002 [France]



Wednesday, 5th June 2002 [France]



Friday, 17th May 2002



Tuesday, 26th March 2002



Monday, 25th March 2002



Sunday, 17th March 2002



Saturday, 16th March 2002



Sunday, 3rd March 2002



Saturday, 2nd March 2002



Friday, 28th December 2001



Friday, 21st December 2001



Wednesday, 19th December 2001



Tuesday, 20th November 2001



Monday, 5th November 2001



Thursday, 1st November 2001 [UK]



Monday, 24th September 2001 [France]



Friday, 22nd September 2001 [France]



Thursday, 5th July 2001 [France]



Sunday, 1st July 2001 [France]



Thursday, 28th June 2001 [France]



Monday, 30th April 2001



Tuesday, 10th April 2001



Friday, 6th April 2001



Monday, 26th March 2001



Friday, 23rd March 2001



Wednesday, 7th March 2001



Tuesday, 27th February 2001



Monday, 5th February 2001



Saturday, 3rd February 2001



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