Where might you
find an ARM?


The ARM processor is a powerful low-cost, efficient, low-power (consumption, that is) RISC processor. It's design was originally for the Archimedes desktop computer, but somewhat ironically numerous factors about its design make it unsuitable for use in a desktop machine (for example, the MMU and cache are the wrong way around). However, many factors about its design make it an exceptional choice for embedded applications.

So while many PCs can scream "Intel(R) inside", there are a steadily increasing number of devices that could scream "ARM inside", only ARM doesn't have an ego anywhere near as large as Intel. Oh, and yes I am aware that Intel are fabricating ARM processors. Oh what a tangled web we weave...


[last updated January 2002]

This is not a complete list. Visit http://www.arm.com/ for a full list, with links to each item.

The above may not use ARM processors, but other hardware produced by ARM. It is rather difficult to discover what it actually inside half of these things, without owning one and taking it apart!


A site that gives images and interesting background information is the details of the IHU-2 experimental space flight computer.

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