EPROM dumps (etc)

Please note that these EPROM dumps are provided so that if something happens to your EPROMs (broken legs, blown from being inserted the wrong way around, etc) then you can create your own replacement.

Please note that these dumps may still be somebody's property, so please use them responsibly - to keep old hardware going.

The dumps have '.dat' extensions. They are binary data, so don't try to get your browser to display them, it will look really weird, like the picture on the right here...

On most RISC OS browsers, click on the link while holding down the Shift key to save the file.
On most PC browsers, right-click the link and choose the option Save target as... (or something similar).

Please do not email me to ask what you should do with these dumps. If you don't know, you don't need them!
To those small few that were audacious enough to ask if I had any later versions... don't you think if I did, they'd be here?


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The simple clicky-link list

    acornbridge.dat      8,192  Acorn bridge firmware         Acorn
    anfs418.dat         16,384  ANFS v4.18 (BBC B / B+)       1985 Acorn 
    anfs425.dat         16,384  ANFS v4.25 (BBC Master)       1986 Acorn
    beeb_iprom.zip      40,048  IP ROM - TCP/IP v0.14         1996 Philip Blundell
    dfs226.dat          16,384  DFS v2.26 (1770 compatible)   1985 Acorn
    dnfs120.dat         16,384  DNFS - NFS v3.60 / DFS v1.20  ROFF
    dnfs120x.dat        16,384  As above, with FS=PS=0.254    ROFF (edited)
    e01_v131.dat        65,536  E01(S?) v1.30 complete image  1988 Acorn 
    e01s_v133.dat       65,536  E01S v1.33 complete image     1988 Acorn 
    e01s_v140.dat       65,536  E01S v1.40 complete image     1989 Acorn 
    filestore_fs.dat    32,768  E01S v1.40 server code (l)    1988 Acorn 
    filestore_mos.dat   32,768  E01S v1.40 mos code (h)       1988 Acorn 
    level2fs.zip        54,069  Level 2 server v1.02          Acorn 
    level3fs.zip        90,032  Level 3 server v0.92          Acorn
    mc14411.pdf        345,843  MC14411 bitrate generator datasheet
    mc6854fixed.pdf    999,190  6854 ADLC datasheet, fixed version
    mdfsbios.dat         8,192  MDFS BIOS v1.05               SJ Research
    mdfsmaster200.zip  314,411  MDFS "Master" disc, FS v2.00  SJ Research
    netexp.dat          16,384  Network expansion v1.20       1986 Mike
    nfs334.dat           8,192  NFS v3.34                     ROFF
    nfs335k.dat          8,192  NFS v3.35K                    ROFF
    nfs360.dat           8,192  NFS v3.60                     ROFF
    printserver100.dat   8,192  Printer server v1.00          1982 Acorn
    printserver111.dat  16,384  Printer server v1.11          1982 Acorn 
    sjbridge.dat        16,384  SJ bridge firmware v3.04      1992 SJ Research 
    softmdfs.zip        41,036  MDFS 'emulator' v0.01         2000 J G Harston


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