The Eurovision Song Contest 2005

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The Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (from Kiev ('KYIV'))

The 2005 Eurovision swirly-logo.


The pictures this year are, thanks to the BBC, presented in 'widescreen'. While this means those with a normal TV (such as my 14") will have black bars (letterboxing), the extra width of the picture allows you to better enjoy the presentation. Here is Norway's rock overload, shown in both aspects:

Norway in 4:3 ratio; fine for a normal TV but you'd be missing bits!   Norway in 16:9 ratio; glorious widescreen!
Seriously, how Rock'n'Roll can
you get with a picture like this?
  Now this is more like it!


Many thanks to Moray for the corrections and additional info;
and many thanks also to Ewen for the missing bits...


Huge condolences to:
Aline Lahoud in Lebanon. While Lebanon can hardly be called Europe (then, neither can Israel, really), the whole affair was very disappointing. Political tedium.
Caught in the middle, poor Aline, the singer with nowhere to sing her song.



The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005




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