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Ever since I can remember, I have been a fan of Eurovision. I've given up defending this against those who aren't enlightened enough to even consider it for its comic value, so I'm not going to explain why I like it. I just do, that's all that matters to me.


Something very important to remember as you read my commentaries - they are written 'live' as the contest progresses (or in the case of the Junior, during my first watching of the recording, after swearing my friend to say nothing until after I'd seen it!).
When I pick songs I like and put some songs down, this is not do with foreknowledge or written after the event. Everything you read here is as live as the contest itself (give or take some indented comments, and a few minor corrections - email me if you spot anything I've screwed up!).

You may notice assistance provided by Ewen and Moray. I am grateful to both, and I welcome your thoughts on the contest. So why not write to me?

Looking for 2015?

It's on my blog. That's where it will be from now on, not here.

First semi final, Second semi final, and the Grand Final.


I've noticed some of the old documents give my email address as merseymail. This address is defucnt (and has been for years). Please contact me at my yahoo address; it is given all over the site - but if you can't find it, try looking at my blog!

The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 (from Malmo, Sweden)



2010 - 2012



The Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (from Moscow, Russia / МОСКВА (?), РОССИЯ)


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (from Ukraine)



The Eurovision Song Contest 2008 (from Belgrade / БЕОГРАД, Serbia)


The Eurovision Dance Contest 2008 (from Glasgow, (Scotland) UK)


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008 (from Cyprus)



The Eurovision Song Contest 2007 (from Helsinki/Helsingfors, Finland)



The Eurovision Dance Contest 2007 (from London, UK)


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 (from The Netherlands)



The Eurovision Song Contest 2006 (from Athens / ΑΘΗΝΑ, Greece)


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 (from Bucharest, Romania)



The Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (from Kiev / KYÏV, The Ukraine)


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (from Belgium)



The Eurovision Song Contest 2004 (from Istanbul, Turkey)



Some Eurovision songs I liked...



Facts and figures...



The Rules from 1997 (!)



Score card data files (for 2005-2008) and software



The official website

The official Eurovision website is:

Or, for the young'uns, go to:

In either case, the website appears to be a horrible mess of JavaScript. Let's hope somebody less obsessed with scripting is contracted for the Eurovision 2006 website. Hell, I will help do it, if somebody arranges transport for me!


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