So you've used Account on your Psion 3a/3c/PocketBook II personal organiser, and you're looking for something to aid you with your account management on a computer that is a little bigger.

Enter Account... for Windows!


What Account (for Windows) does

Account for Windows does exactly the same things as Account on your organiser. In fact, not only is it file compatible, but it has been designed to look and feel pretty much the same as the organiser's version.

So instead of seeing:

You will see:

Yes, it is designed to look the same!


There have had to be a few small changes to how the account entries are displayed, not only because of the obvious differences between SIBO (the organiser's operating system) and Windows, but also for user-friendliness.

Here is the account information on the organiser (all entries are marked as not validated):

And here's how it looks under Windows:

It looks remakably similar, except for the list display, doesn't it? Well, that's the intention!
Notice also that Account (for Windows) will translate between the character sets - the organiser uses the DOS/ANSI/OEM character set (remember how DOS looked with those line-boxes?) while Windows (in the West, at least) uses code page 1252 which is basically Latin1 (ISO 8859/1). The two are identical for text such as this, however when you start to talk français or español or anything with accents, it is a different proposition...
The other change is for code simplicity. Unvalidated account entries are shown with a blob at the far right of the item name on the organiser, while they are denoted on the Windows version with a smaller blobette to the left; this is because it is possible to adjust the size of the Windows window on-the-fly and this change is reflected in the size of the description text, hence working out the blob placement would not be easy. Furthermore I didn't want to waste a whole little column on this... therefore... it is a blobette.


Here is the dialogue for adding a new account entry, in both Windows and organiser versions...

Ditto the account settings (beep upon error is disabled as Windows error beeping is a system-wide option):

Ditto the account information (and note the translation so that accented characters look correct on both versions):



Account for Windows is completely file compatible. Simply use PsiWin to copy (not convert) your account data files (there are three - *.ACC, *.REG, and *.CFG) into Account, which is normally:
   C:\Program Files\Heyrick\Account
and then run the Account software. When you have finished, you can copy those three files back to your organiser to keep both versions in sync.

The Windows version of Account supports the same keypresses, the only exception being that those keypresses that used the Psion (or Acorn) key now use the Ctrl key:

Organiser What it does Windows
Psion A About the Account software Ctrl A
Psion D Delete selected entry Ctrl D
Psion E Extensions available by menu under Windows
Psion G Go to date not supported under Windows
Psion I Display account information Ctrl I
Psion N Add new entry to account Ctrl N
Psion O Show/set up account options Ctrl O
Psion Q Quick add not supported under Windows
Psion S Scheduled transactions Ctrl S
Psion U Update selected entry Ctrl U
Psion X Exit the Account software Ctrl X
Help Access help F1
Open Account's folder Ctrl F


What's new in this version?

CSV export, and HTML export.
Scheduled transactions
Entries that occur to a schedule. Insurance goes out the 6th of every month... that sort of thing.
Updates, tweaks, fixes...
To make the software better yet.



Download Account v0.07 (2008/03/03, 172K; EXE installer)

And also...

Account for your organiser


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