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Version information

The latest version of Alarm is v0.14 dated 2009/07/26.

To check your version, click the right mouse button on the bell icon in the system tray, and choose the "About Alarm" option.
You can read the Versions file to see the differences between each version.


System Requirements

Alarm was written for 32bit versions of Microsoft Windows. It was developed under Windows 98 SE, and it should work on: Sorry, it will not work with Windows 3 (any version) even if Win32S is installed. It should work on Windows 95, but this is not guaranteed.

Alarm requires about 280K disc space for the application; and around 3Mb for the runtime environment DLLs (which you probably already have...).



Previously there were various different download options, basically because installing my stuff was non-intuitive. However thanks to the amazing installer offered by ClickTeam, it is all now as simple as can be! Additionally, as those many system DLLs are no longer included (99.9% of you will have them already!), files are small and quick to download...
The Alarm installer is an executable. Simply download it, give it a check over with your virus scanner of choice (better safe than sorry), and double-click it to begin installation. No more of that "unzip to Temp and run Setup" nonsense!

Click here to download alarm0-14.exe (423KiB)
If you experience problems using Alarm (missing DLL, missing OCX),
then please download the file below and install it first.
Do not uninstall it, simply install the later version over the top of it!


If, for some reason, you don't have the runtime environment already present (Alarm fails to start, complains of some DLL or other missing) then download and install the older version. Do not uninstall it, simply reinstall the newer one on top. This will set you up with the correct runtime environment for all of my software...

Click here to download (2,298KiB)


The Versions file

The 'Versions' file is a log of changes to the application, you can read it for details of what has changed between each version. This file is also supplied with Alarm (called 'Versions.txt').
Versions in BOLD have been publically released.

Click here to read the Versions file (15KiB)


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