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What is ROView?

ROView is a colourised code viewer that understands Acorn/RISCOS APCS code. It runs under the Windows platform to permit easy reading of the RISC OS sources on a non-RISC OS machine.

ROView in action.

The source codes for RISC OS are being incrementally released (as bzip'd tarballs) by RISC OS Open.

Some useful features are included:

  • Customisable colourisation; upon installation it has a 'Windowsy' colour scheme, but it is really simple to switch to a 'Zap-like' scheme (as is shown on this site).
    You can even define your own schemes.
  • In addition to the colourisation style you may be used to, ROView also permits registers (using "rn" style or APCS names) to be highlighted.
  • Capably handles both files using Windows style line termination (CRLF) as well as those using RISC OS (LF only) line termination. It's surprising how many things fail on this small point (try Notepad, for instance...).
  • Go-to-label feature to allow both a simple way of hopping around the file as well as a way of checking "is that label defined in this source?".
  • A choice of three different text sizes, to suit your display.
  • Helper program so you can view BBC BASIC programs in your text editor.

Please note, however:

  • This is not a disassembler, nor an editor, nor can it correctly view source code written for other processors (PIC, 6502, x86, 8051, etc etc).
  • This is not an assembler. As far as I am aware, there is no freely available ARM assembler for the x86 platform that is capable of assembling the sort of macros that may be constructed using objasm, and RISC OS uses this macro functionality heavily...

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