Gratuit - free for personal use - source code available

0.06 (2015/03/17)
Source available
(EUPL v1.1)

Download StrawHelp


The user guide (text or PDF) does not match the software. Well, would you rather have better software or up-to-date instructions? :-)


Costs and distribution rights

This software is available to you for free. Install it, use it, enjoy it.

The software itself is licenced under the EUPL v1.1 (only). This is sort of like the GPL, only open and free.


Missing DLL? Missing OCX?

If you experience problems using StrawHelp (missing DLL, missing OCX),
then you need to download and install the Various Dependencies, 3,240K.


What's new?

There are no functional changes since the last release, this version is now available as open source software.


Okay, now for the downloads!

StrawHelp download
Version 0.06
StrawHelp distribution. Save this .EXE to your harddisc, virus scan it, and then run it to install StrawHelp.
You do not need to uninstall any previous version before installing this version.

StrawHelp manuals set
A selection of manuals to get you started: Acronynms, AKA10, C-Version5, C, C99, Computers, Filetypes, InetSocket, InetSWIs, MiscSWIs, OS334, SH-RefMan, SH-Style, StarCmnds, StrongHelp, Toolbox, VDU, Wimp124, and ZapRedraw42b.
As you can understand, it is highly RISC OS specific. ;-)
You should install StrawHelp before installing these manuals.

StrawHelp source code

Version 0.06
The source code for building StrawHelp v0.06.
Licenced as EUPL v1.1 (only). This is an open source licence, you can read the text in the European language of your choosing at
This software is built using VisualBasic 5 (or 6 at a pinch). It uses the "ieframe" ActiveX to render HTML in an embedded MSIE instance.

Copyright © 2015 Rick Murray