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0.06 (2015/03/17)
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What you'll see when you start StrawHelp. You will see less, as only a few manuals are supplied - download and add more!

The available manuals.

Or, in small icon view:

The available manuals, small.


Double-click a manual to open it.

This is the initial page of the SpellMod manual. This shows different text styles, plus how the 'bullet' character has been detected and converted to a big bold 'symbol' bullet, plus the textured background.

The SpellMod manual.
The part above the first dashed line is added. In RISC OS, the page title bar provides a caption, however this doesn't work so well in Windows, especially with a number of buttons in between. So added, in a nice big bold style, is the caption that would normally be included as the window title.
The part below the second dashed line is also added. That's is my credit...


Here is the description for Wimp_ProcessKey (roughly akin to "SendKeys" under Windows), showing the link and formatting.


And here are the earlier key codes (well, some of them) showing how the table conversion works. Unfortunately the later Wimp manual uses tabbed alignment and this is not yet supported...

Wimp_ProcessKey key codes.


Finally, here is documentation for the C function _kernel_osbyte() showing indentation and font changes.


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