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Important notes regarding upgrading

Any releases downloaded from this website at this time are development releases. They are not guaranteed to be stable. To reflect this, the code will use system variables beginning "<NAbeta$...." so that you may keep the development versions seperate from your normal version.
Additionally, this code 'belongs' to Freedom2 (formerly Argonet) to be packaged with the Voyager software. So it should not be distributed further or used apart from Voyager. In practice, this is not a problem as it relies on certain facilities built into Voyager...

If you have any problem with NewsAgent, then you should contact me. Please don't hassle Freedom2 support, send me an email!







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Versions RickDev/01 and RickDev/02 are the available development version downloads, and they're rather out of date now.
You can obtain these from the '
full version downloads'...



The latest versions

Component Version Compiled Size Released
!RunImage RickDev/11 2002-06-09, 15:25h 41279 (sqzd) As upgrade for existing users [CHANGED]
AutoRepair RickDev/05 2002-03-23, 00:00h 17087 (sqzd) As upgrade for existing users (unchanged, just recompiled)
Debatch RickDev/05 2002-03-23, 00:00h 19871 (sqzd) As upgrade for existing users (unchanged, just recompiled)
EditMaster RickDev/11 2002-06-09, 15:11h 39583 (sqzd) As upgrade for existing users [CHANGED]
ViewAgent RickDev/10 2002-06-09, 14:25h 43231 (sqzd) As upgrade for existing users (unchanged, just recompiled)


At the current time, the way to obtain the latest version is to download the Voyager update.


Please refer to the Versions file for a full list of changes.


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