Version 0.39 - 9th May 2001

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QuickVoy offers the following facilities:


Unsure? Then read the !Help file (84K).
As far as documentation goes, it is verbosely detailed and very descriptive.
(hasn't changed much since this version)


For techies, here is the Versions file (42K).



QuickVoy is now supplemented by a smaller version which has had many of the extended features removed, so that the coreapplication fits into only 32K of memory!!!
The script-based events, user-definable icons, Wimp messages, CountDown support, and some other bits are retained.
A smaller version just isn't possible!



New in this version...


Software status:

  Software name        : QuickVoy
  Latest version       : 0.39 (and 0.16b)

  Archive size         : 246287 bytes
  Classification       : late Beta
  Registration cost    : -

  RISC OS 2 compatible : No
  RISC OS 3 compatible : Yes
  WIMP 3.98 compatible : Yes
  RISC OS 4 compatible : Expected to be

  Written in           : BASIC/assembler
                         Utilities in BASIC, assembler, or C
                         (in various combinations!)
  Libraries            : n/a

QuickVoy downloads
quickvoy.zip (241K) Version 0.39
QuickVoy v0.39 release.
A partial upgrade is not available.
qvunsup.zip (7K) -
A totally unsupported extension to QuickVoy that you might find useful. Please note, this is pretty much a techies-only upgrade. If you don't know what a primary DNS address is, or why you need such a thing, this isn't for you...
Link to JTrans site -
If you wish to use the progressive JPEG handling, you will need a smallish utility called "jpegtran" installed into your library directory.
Follow this link and download !JPEGTrans.
Then, take the jpegtran conversion program (in the !JPEGTrans.Jpeg directory) and copy it into your library directory (probably !Boot.Library).
This software requires RISC OS running on the ARM chipset
If your computer is different, don't bother downloading this software!


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