Alyson, from the front of 'Buffy' magazine

Alyson was on the front cover of a recent episode of Buffy magazine. As I enjoy messing around with images, I decided to spend a little time and remove the background and the text that was so unkindly written across her. I haven't got the hair quite right, but I'm impressed.

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Or, click here to view a small (279 x 381, 35K) version of the magazine cover, available from this site.




Scanned at 200dpi on a PC with a basic parallel-port flatbed scanner, and then edited with PhotoMagic4.

The version used for the main index was crudely converted to a black background with !Paint (under RISC OS), the paintbrush tool hacking away any whitish borders. The small resizing (2:3) and redithering in !ChangeFSI took care of any untidy edges.



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