Buffy, episode 1.01

("Welcome to the hellmouth")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


We open the very first episode with Darla playing the cute shy virgin schoolgirl routine, simply to lure some food...

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For those watching the season four ending (Restless), and wondering when and where we first saw Willow in that pinafore [*], this is where...

[*] apparently the Americans call this item of clothing a 'jersey', so what do they call what we Brits refer to as a jersey?

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Xander, having met Buffy, notices she had dropped Mr. Pointy.

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Buffy needs some help, and on her first day she discovered Willow was the geek-extraordinaire. I'm not so sure about Willow's brooch though. Is it a bowling pin? Or is it a champagne bottle and a glass?

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The mysterious guy gives Buffy a little gift...

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Willow is considering seizing the moment.

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Consider the moment duly seized...

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...until her date turns vampish, that is. (here, she's very similar to that moment in "My Stepmother Is An Alien" where she meets the big eyeball)

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Dude, Buffy kicks ass!

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Thomas and Darla aren't so sure about Buffy now.

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An illustration from one of Giles' books. The usual 'world is about to end' type of prediction.

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