Buffy, episode 1.02

("The Harvest")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


We pick up where we left off, Willow and Jesse fleeing the mausoleum, Buffy and Thomas getting medieval with each other, and Darla... Well...

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Later, in the library, Giles is not all he seems.

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Willow and Xander are having issues. Like 'vampire', say what? They exist?

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Willow's forté, a little hackery here'n'there.

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Giles assuring himself that Willow's entry into the mayor's computer system is totally legal and legitimate...

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Xander is a little freaked (like you would be). Nothing will ever be the same.

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In computer class, Willow is busy doing something totally different while everybody else is... Well... Cordelia says "No! It's supposed to find the syntax and match it. Or wait...". Can you imagine Cordelia knowing what 'syntax' is?

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To get her own back, when Willow gets up to leave she tells Cordelia that to save her program she must use the 'Deliver' key. Cordelia finds it, presses it, and watches in open-mouthed horror as it all goes away. [again, I state, Cordelia is supposed to understand syntax matching but doesn't know the Del key? Should we show her the 'Any' key?]


A few vampires later, Jesse having turned, Xander helps Buffy escape, and seemingly gets an eyeful...

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More research.

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The contents of Buffy's chest, under the false bottom.

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Buffy stakes Luke with metal. While Luke is gloating over metal not being a way to kill vampires, Buffy throws a brick through a window and tells Luke he forgot about sunrise. Luke briefly panics, then realises the light is only a bright lamp. Meanwhile Buffy's coming up behind with a large (wooden) stake...

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Wow. All cleared out, all finished. The end of the world averted. The first Buffy adventure all done.

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The weird thing? School the next day, it's like nobody noticed. Well, they did notice, they thought there were clashing biker gangs that somehow Buffy knew about. What they didn't notice, or rationalised out of existance, were the vampires.

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