Buffy, episode 1.03

("The witch")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


"What? You don't like the outfit?"

wi01.jpeg; 22K


Buffy sneaks a peek at the fertility god (it's a statuette).

wi02.jpeg; 23K


Walking the hound halls...

wi03.jpeg; 27K


Amy is brewing up something nasty.

wi04.jpeg; 20K


Xander wants to make a move on Buffy...

wi05.jpeg; 23K


...so he tries, but Buffy is too busy to really notice.

wi06.jpeg; 24K


Later, in the library. The computer appears to be facing the other direction today...

wi07.jpeg; 23K


Knocking up a little bit of witch-detecting potion.

wi08.jpeg; 25K


Rescuing a hyper Buffy before she hurts/maims/kills anybody/thing else.

wi09.jpeg; 25K


Trying to stall Amy, Willow asks a really innane question and gets punched in the face. The kind of punch you don't get up from in any kind of hurry, and Willow doesn't get up in any kind of hurry.

wi10.jpeg; 21K


Xander 'protecting' Amy, after Amy has become Amy again.

wi11.jpeg; 20K


Buffy and Amy, after it is all over.

wi12.jpeg; 25K


Amy's mom.

wi13.jpeg; 23K


If you're thinking "after what happened?", then stop reading this and go watch the episode. Remember, these are Willow pictures, not episode reviews!



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