Buffy, episode 1.04

("Teacher's pet")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


In Xander's dream, a cute season-one Buffy is wooed by...

tp01.jpeg; 22K


...Xander (obviously), playing the Bronze a guitar solo.

tp02.jpeg; 22K


Willow, thinking "Duh!" trying to mime answers to Buffy, because Buffy wasn't really paying attention.

tp03.jpeg; 22K


Xander and Willow spot Buffy walking off the "That weird guy that warned her about the vampires".

tp04.jpeg; 21K


Xander breaks the news that Dr. Gregory (the science teacher) is 'missing'.

tp05.jpeg; 25K


After Cordelia discovers a headless Dr. Gregory...

tp06.jpeg; 23K


Buffy promises not to do anything rash... Like we should believe her!

tp07.jpeg; 24K


Nathalie French, the replacement science teacher, tucking into a meal of a bug sandwich...

tp08.jpeg; 22K


Willow helping.

tp09.jpeg; 20K


Buffy roading up a guide.

tp10.jpeg; 18K


Xander is about to get even.

tp11.jpeg; 20K



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