Buffy, episode 3.01




Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


In dark Sunnydale, where we lay our scene.
From ancient evil breed vampires.
Where civil blood tastes damn fine.
From forth the warm loins and bare necks and fuzzy cardigans,
A pair of pissed off vampires take human life;
Whole misadventured piteous overthrows.
Because death is only the beginning.
The fearful passage of the slayer is nowhere to be seen...

'cos she's upset at what happened at the end of season two.
So she's done a runner and is playing at being somebody else.

anne.jpeg; 16K


Willow is brave. Out patrolling one night, with her trusty stake and crucifix (mmm, isn't Willow Jewish? Possible religion issues here...), she gets jumped but the others (minus Buffy) save her.

wilcros.jpeg; 17K


The day after her scare, she has another scare (tough life being Willow). She has to put up with Cordelia's single-minded obsession with her hair and how good she looks.

wilcord.jpeg; 22K


After her scares, she enters research mode.

rsrchmd.jpeg; 23K


But, to no avail. Because Buffy isn't around to stir up the big brewin' evil, and it was just another vamp, I mean Cordelia, I mean a vampire... um....

So what's left? To sit in the Bronze and listen to a chick that can't sing and feel utterly depressed.

depressed.jpeg; 17K



Meanwhile, Buffy befriends a lonely girl called Lily (formerly Chantarelle, latterly Anne) to break the news that her boyfriend was worked for his entire life, until he died. Oh, in a day. By a creepy giver-of-hope for the homeless. But hey, they are nobody and we aren't really that interested because Willow wasn't there.

buflily.jpeg; 22K  flaming.jpeg; 17K
Left, Buffy with Lily (Chantarelle/Anne)... Right, the 'flaming pits of eternal hell' place...


Aside: Was the flaming-pits-of-eternal-hell set the same one that was used in "End Of Days"? It looked kinda similar.



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