Buffy, episode 3.02

("Dead Man's Party")



Vague storyline that bears little in common with the actual storyline... :-)


Buffy returns, somehow managing to look like a bit like Kellie Martin.

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The gang are out slaying. They're getting whipped, even "Nighthawk". So Buffy saves the day. Or something.

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So, day (or, pedantically, night saved) it's time to settle down and enjoy some biscuits. Also a good time to admire Joyce's new Nigerian mask which is destined for the (art) gallery.

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As a way to welcome Buffy home, they decide to throw her a party. A cosy informal meeting of the gang. But somehow the gathering passes beyond shindig and ends up as a hootenanny with music supplied by the Dingos. And a bunch of people that never met Buffy are pleased to attend the party, rumour saying "This party? Heard it was for some chick that just got out of rehab.".

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Willow is enjoying the music but she can't hear a thing. So Buffy pulls her aside and asks why Willow is avoiding her.

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This isn't avoiding. See? Here you are, here I am.
Unconvincing, but Buffy lets it fly. Until she hears her mother saying that in some ways having Buffy back makes things worse. So Buffy packs. And Willow walks in on her.

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You're leaving again? What, you just stopped by for your lint brush and now you're ready to go?
Buffy, sobbing, tries to explain to Willow, but fails.
Willow, about to lose it completely, lays into Buffy, then says: No! I don't just mean that. I mean, my life! You know? I, um... I'm having all sorts of... I'm dating, I'm having serious dating with a werewolf
, a-and I'm studying witchcraft and killing vampires, and I didn't have anyone to talk to about all this scary life stuff.
And you were my best friend.

Just at that moment, mom walks in. Things get worse.

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Buffy no longer knows what she's doing, or why. It's all confusing and depressing. She rushes from her room and downstairs.
Right in the middle of the party, Joyce collars Buffy and lays into her. Extremely embarrassed, Buffy tries weakly to defend her position as the party breaks up. Some people stand awkwardly and eat the dip, others take the first exit.
Buffy lays back into Joyce, and Xander takes the defence. Cordelia tries to defend Buffy and just ends up insulting her (obviously!). Willow gets out three words. Buffy, on the edge tells her she can't take it from Willow as well. Xander and Buffy start a slanging match and would start beating on each other, had Oz not jumped in as 'Referee Guy'.
Willow says "No, let them go, Oz. Talking about it isn't helping. We might as well try some violence."

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Just at that moment, zombies burst in and start to tear the place apart. You see, Joyce's mask just happened to raise the dead. But it still looks good hanging on the wall. Tsk! Americans!

But when the demon rises, what you should never do is look into it's eyes.
Um, that includes you, Willow!

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Buffy figures this out and stabs the demon in the face with a pitchfork. Sadly, no gore. Sadly, Sam Raimi wasn't directing.

Back in the house, a shocked Joyce asks if that was just another day at the office.
Awkward silence, then Willow and Buffy make up, leading the way for the rest to ease off and forgive Buffy.

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Willow, however, is quite happy to sit with her latté and give Buffy a hard time. Buffy takes it in good spirit and calls Willow names back.

Runaway... Quitter... Whiner... Bailer... Harpy... Delinquent... Tramp... Bad seed... Witch... Freak...

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